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Greasing the wheels of early-stage investment

This tool could make anyone an app developer

The right data, in the right place, at the right time

Is this the cure for social media's ills?

Tell me: What will pre-seed look like in 2023?

All Aboard! Helping brands weather the storm

Time to build differently... for the good of us all

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The startups getting you most excited

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Transforming live music with data, choice, and opportunity

GitHub meets cybersecurity in the biotech lab

Getting physical to do more with small data

Upping the Ante on ecommerce returns

Freeing up better quality water for everyone

The face of the future isn't just for the metaverse

Unlocking nature's secrets with A.I.

Taking the heat off urgent care, globally

KYC for the rest of us

Unlocking a goldmine of untapped engagement

This startup wants to clone your voice

Thinking big to see (very) small

Fixing all that hidden inefficiency

Piing has a big idea for the future of live events

This shoebox-sized tech could help transform manufacturing

Your doctor shouldn't be Googling

Breaking a health taboo with A.I. and data

A carbon-capture moonshot in the soil

Making remote work feel less remote

The startup fighting a top-10 threat to humanity

What lies in the shadows..? Millions of spreadsheets

Why this awful year is good for early-stage startups

How founders REALLY feel about raising right now

Saving the world... with algae

Why don't tradespeople use more tech?

Victorian goth fairies will love this

Wind, green clouds... fake organs?

Using your brainwaves to sell more in the metaverse

They're just like your insides

This startup thinks it's got the crack problem cracked

Eye-wateringly expensive... no longer?

The startup turning clouds green

Shaking up the early-stage Landscape

Versori’s Switchboard helps data flow

Myriad isn’t tilting at turbines

Edtech, adtech, mushrooms, and drones

Giving packaging a 2nd (3rd, 4th...) life

Data to make anyone a smart seller

Selling to businesses is far too messy

What if online ads weren't inefficient and creepy?

Seriously, turn that racket down

The future of farming… in a shipping container?

Drones that save lives... and astound the masses

Is this all an educator in the passion economy needs?

All the startups we've covered so far

It's wine o'clock for A.I.

"We care more..."

Is hardware still hard?

Has this startup solved late payments?

The machines have eyes

Keeping A.I. on the right side of the law

Better rehab in virtual reality

Giving A.I. the human touch

Untapping the life-changing secrets in sewage

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