The PreSeed Now Startup Tracker

May 22, 2023

Discover and track early-stage B2B and deep tech UK startups, all in one place

Introducing the PreSeed Now Startup Tracker.

At PreSeed Now, we help you discover B2B and deep tech startups from inception to when they’re raising seed - the early stage that usually flies under the radar.

Now we're taking that further with our new Tracker.

At launch, this database tracks almost 100 hand-picked, high-potential, active startups, with more being added regularly. Startups are added after we’ve profiled them in PreSeed Now’s twice-weekly newsletter (also included in the subscription).

It’s perfect for anyone who works in the early-stage startup space.

The Startup Tracker lets you:

  • Easily browse a growing number of high-quality pre-seed UK startups

  • See key information about their product, sector, funding, location, and more

  • See the latest updates about their funding status and progress they’ve made since being featured in PreSeed Now

  • Request an introduction to founders

User feedback:

  • “It’s like Crunchbase, but better for pre-seed”

  • “This tracker! OMFG! This is what I've been looking for for months.”

  • “I highly recommend it. What a cool tool.”

How do you get access?

If you’re a paying PreSeed Now subscriber: Please go here and we’ll get you on board

Not yet a paying subscriber?: Just sign up for £10 per month or £100 per year, and you’ll get access to to the Tracker along with the other benefits. Just tap the button below: