Introducing PreSeed Now

Jul 20, 2023

Hello Lovies judges, this is a page we’ve put together just for you, to introduce PreSeed Now.

If you want to try the full experience and also get a flavour of our Startup Tracker: here’s 60 days’ free access.

It began in May 2022, when tech journalist Martin SFP Bryant spotted a gap in the market:

There wasn’t anyone covering the exciting world of very early-stage startups in any depth

…so he started profiling a different UK-based, early-stage B2B or deep tech startup every Tuesday and Thursday.

  • 1,500-word profiles of high-potential startups

  • Targeted at investors, people who work with startups, and founders

  • Free and paid subscriptions

It struck a chord:

And subscribers got real value from it

Then Samantha joined as head of growth…


As of summer 2023 we have:

  • Profiled more than 100 startups in depth

  • Launched the PreSeed Now Startup Tracker, a database that paid subscribers can use to browse all the startups we’ve covered and view the latest news about their growth and funding activity.

  • Helped connect investors with startups and deals across the UK

  • Inspired a similar newsletter, which has launched in Italy

What’s next:

  • Developing the Startup Tracker into a more mature software product

  • Developing our advertising offering alongside paid subscriptions

  • Continuing to cover great startups from across the UK

  • Placing ourselves right in the middle of the UK early-stage startup world - a key touchstone, whether you’re an investor, founder, service provider, or policymaker

Read some example issues:

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