Space DOTS is rethinking materials science to accelerate space tech
StoreGene wants your whole genome to reveal more insights, faster and cheaper
This startup wants to shake up independent fashion ecommerce
ZeroPA wants you to think differently about loans
Cogitat wants to be the go-to startup for turning brainwaves into action

February 2023

Tickets for Good is attracting notable attention on both sides of the pond
Slipstream wants to shake up credit scoring with instant data
Clipper Automotive wants to help taxi drivers (and beyond) go electric for less
Cambridge's Lark Optics is targeting your retinas
RiskSmart wants to help SMBs wise up about the hazards in their path
Tromero wants to take on the cloud kings by rethinking wasteful mining rigs
Syndi Health wants to make a real impact with its three-sided platform